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Dreamhaven Ranch is excited to announce that we are offering country living classes this fall.  We will be presenting "Intro to Horses" and "Chickens 101" beginning in October and running through November.  See the Events list to the right for more details or click HERE.

September will also be a month to watch for activities at the Ranch.  On September 13 & 14, Mitch and Jolinn Hoover will be here presenting a clinic titled "Basics to Bridle & Biomechanics 101".  Don't wait until it's too late to get signed up for this clinic.  You can click on the event link to the right or click HERE for more information.

The last, but certainly not the least important news is that we have scheduled our annual Bonfire Hoedown Fundraiser.  Mark your calendar for October 11th and click on the "Hoedown" below for more information.

2014 Youth Mentoring Sessions

Mentoring sessions for 2014 have been a success for all who have attended.  Sessions are held every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for the months of May - September.  Sessions will be held from 8:30 - 10:00am and 10:30am - 12:00pm daily.  If you are interested in scheduling session times, please contact Susan Thayer at (208) 830-2705 or send us an e-mail to dreamhavenranchidaho@yahoo.com

Youth Mentoring
Dreamhaven Ranch is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to offer children and their families, regardless of their circumstances, a safe rural environment to discover hope and healing by the grace of God and the unconditional love of a horse.

The foundation of the program is youth mentoring. An individual child is paired with an adult leader and one of the Dreamhaven horses for a 90-minute riding or ground education session, tailored to meet the distinctive needs of the child. Through this hands-on experience, children share their challenges and victories, while leaders model the values of family and community that our country was founded on.

We invite children to come as they are with the only true prerequisite being that they are willing and want to participate.

Volunteer Program
In an age of broken, blended and busy households, the ranch community at Dreamhaven seeks to offer what every child and adult desires the most - a sense of belonging.

In addition to mentoring program for children (which is offered free of charge thanks to generous donations from the community), Dreamhaven Ranch offers a volunteer program for adults and families. Working side by side to assist with the chores of caring for animals and tending to the garden and grounds, hearts are mended as kids, families and staff work together in the spirit of community. The rural lifestyle is calming and healing.
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Please call 208-830-2705 to discuss your visit to Dreamhaven Ranch. Our mentoring sessions are by appointment only. Group visits by senior centers, classrooms or organizations are generally available weekdays by appointment. Subscribe to our events calendar page for activities and to our news update page for announcements of interest to the public.


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We need your support to make the youth mentoring programs successful and free of charge to children and families.

Donation goal

Collected: $18,931.90
Goal: $50,000.00
The herd of 10 horses at Dreamhaven Ranch cost $50 each per month in hay alone. Some of the older horses are on special supplements as well. Please help feed our friends with a donation today!


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